Thursday, November 10, 2022

bernina X 64, top completed

Bernina X 64 
top completed 2022
about 70 inches square
Block finishes 8 inches, 64 blocks set 8 by 8

I spent quite a bit of time in front of Andy Warhol's Marilyn X 100 while visiting the Cleveland Museum of Art this summer.
Click on this link where you can scroll in to see the wonderful detail.
He was so quilt-like in his work.
my beloved Bernina Record 830
I liked this block by Lori Holt:
I thought it would be a good one for repetition.
I skipped the top left flipped corner to reference the more angular lines of my beloved Bernina Record 830.
Here are my construction and pressing directions:
I have quite the collection of solids so it was fun to make combinations of color, shade, and value.
It would be a great two-fabric quilt with a positive and a negative block repetition.

I made Lori's 6 inch finished size and added 1 1/2 inch cut frames so my blocks finish 8 inches. Alternating blocks have the frames done with the short frames on the sides or on the top and bottom, allowing needing only the corner seams to nest.
Read here for my block construction details:

In deciding how big to go, I landed on 64 blocks to observe I am 64 years old. 
To help reduce stress on the top I decided to add a border. They are cut 3 inches.
It is Kona Glacier. 

They are set 8 by 8. 
Thinking maybe straight line quilting on this in yellow.

My frames and setting using a Lori Holt design. Use my variations at your pleasure.

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Jenny said...

Such a wonderful quilt! It looks great and I'd like go try a block or two myself. Not 64, as you did, or 77 as I would need! Thanks so much for sharing.