Tuesday, April 08, 2008

summer day string quilt

This quilt top was made last year in a very cold unheated attic. It is finally quilted and bound and will be auctioned at our church for Appalachian Service Project funds.
I love this quilt; it has had several intended recipients, I kept changing my mind.
That morning glory print in the border of the detail is one of my all time favorite fabrics--I believe it was an early Hoffman.
And, shadows! We had sun when I photographed it!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

streak of lightning

Judy is discussing log cabin sets on Sunshine quilts.
This is my favorite set, Streak of Lightning, made in 1997, I think from a Fons and Porter or American Patchwork magazine.
I've made this set several times.
I have good memories of one made for a colleague of my husband--he came home from work one day to find a gas explosion on his block and his house and several others burned to the ground. The only thing salvaged from his house was a fishing rod. The office had a house shower for him, and he told Andy he really missed a quilt his grandmother had made. I made a log cabin for him, but instead of the red center symbolizing fire in the hearth, I made yellow centers, showing a light in the window. I figured there had been enough fire in this man's life.
Judy talks of making two log cabin blocks a day. I found it very efficient to cut all the pieces, and make all 48 blocks at once, adding a round or two at a sewing session. This spread out the scraps among all the blocks. 48 blocks can be made in just a couple of days.