Monday, July 24, 2006

hand dyed chevron quilt

My small group has wonderful dyeing days, where we each chip in a number of procion dyes that we share. We gather in a member's yard and wow each other in our direct application dying. At the next meeting we show off our washed and ironed fabric and are inspired to cut into them.
This chevron log cabin was inspired by my friend Erica's quilt. I can't even remember what hers looks like anymore, but I love how this turned out. Cissie brought along some silk salts that I used on the fuchia that became the border. It was quilted by Suzette in a wonderful circle pattern. I gave it to my daugher for her eighth grade graduation. I used one of Jane Sassaman's fabrics for the back.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

sewing in church

Catherine gave a great list of places she has done handwork and wondered about sewing in church.
While traveling in Germany, I saw many women knit in church.

I have had several deadlines, often with church related sewing that had me sitting in the balcony and sewing during the sermon. The last time was a stole for an ordination that was taking place after the service--I had two friends sewing with me!
There are several women who crochet during the service, and quite a few of us who knit in the sanctuary while the choir and organist rehearse before the service--or in the quiet before anything starts.
So, if you want to do handwork in church, you are welcome to join me in the balcony at St Pauls!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

4th of July

We had two invitations for parties today, both which were cancelled at the last minute, so we invited about 30 neighbors to eat together in front of our house. Now the Kenji Arsenal is being set off, to the delight of the human neighbors, and the terror of the canine variety.