Wednesday, July 11, 2018


Our Scholten family has had reunions periodically over the years. Last week we met at my sister Beth's house.
My mom found this photo of the first Scholten reunion, organized in 1915 by my great-grandfather Jan Scholten who came to America as a homesteader in 1870. Over 150 attended!
It pictures the young people who helped set it up--my three great-aunts, Hattie and Jo on the left and Beth on the right, and my grandfather Jan is somewhere in the back row. Note the flag of the Netherlands along side the American flag.

I took along a stack of quilts to give to my cousins.
Vern loved the turkeys
Lorelei chose a sampler
Neil came on his Harley Davidson so this Dragon Teeth was just the right size to fit into his pack
Mary gets two! 
Erica and Rachel chose some nice ones
I like this one that Helen selected
My brothers-in-law made some birdhouses for the cousins using license plates from my late brother Lee's collections.