Monday, August 31, 2009

Iraqi Bundles of Love
Here is my box for the Iraqi Bundles of Love. It is filled with some of my stuff plus much thread from the stash of a friend's mother.
How come everyone else's bundle on the website looks so pretty and mine looks like it just fell out of bed?

home again

This quilt, made in 2001, has hung in Andy's office for several years. He put up the one I gave him for his birthday and this one has come home.
It is fun to look at it again. I dyed all the fabrics for the top. My small quilt group gathered several times to dye fabric, and I was always pregnant or breastfeeding and couldn't participate. Finally, the stars aligned and I joined the fun.
We did direct wet application and I loved the resulting fabrics.
I chose a simple block to feature the fabrics and it was machine quilted by my friend Cissie Arvidson.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

princess and the pea

We are getting ready for the roofer to do a tear-off and dorm out our attic. This means my fabric has been bagged up and we are throwing out lots of stuff that wandered its way up there. I have laid out finished quilts on a bed, Princess and the Pea style. I need to cover them with plastic before the dust flies.
I also see that many of the quilts are not quite finished--binding missing, a corner loose for a label, sleeves flapping from not being sewn down.

I love this quilt--I tested the pattern for Debbie Bookman--it needs sleeve and label. I think I gave it to Seth a few years ago for Christmas. Maybe his memory is as bad as mine and I can finish it and give it again this year.
See how unhappy he was the first day of grade 6.