Monday, December 24, 2007

delectable mountains

My parents are here for Christmas. My mother and I love to do handwork together, so I have 9 (!) quilts at the handwork stage for binding. Some are Christmas presents, so they may be given with pins in them. My kids, seeing a quilt on the davenport, always ask if there are pins before they sit down. Experience does teach them something.
I worked on the binding of this delectable mountains variation of the buzz saw this week. Another plaid shirt quilt, great use of lights and darks.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

stair sled run

There is snow in Chicago and time again for one of my favorite urban traditions--turning your front steps into a sled run. Seth and neighbor Cole set up ours; it takes them out into the street if the car isn't parked there, and if they don't hit the tree.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

machine quilting

I am a very basic machine quilter--I cannot free motion. My handwriting is awful, so I blame a neurological connection for this problem. About 2 decades ago I came up with an idea for a stitch regulator--should have patented it!
I can use the walking foot well, and have adapted its use to do some quilting styles that work for me.
This one is quilted in channels, method similar to the one a few posts ago of an advent quilt.
I use the wavy line pattern on my Bernina 1530, lengthen it to a 5, narrow it to about a 3, and quilt in channels, sometimes the width of the walking foot, sometimes another marker. Works well on primitive looking quilts.
This is one of my dragon teeth quilts, the backgrounds are all shirts.