Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Saturday, December 22, 2018

evening star

I loved the open look with the solid used only for the star points of the friendship star quilt I made a few months ago and decided to keep that feel with an evening star.
I decided to make it a floating star with the triangles coming off squares rather than make from flying geese.

Block finishes 12 inches
I plan to make 56 blocks set 7 by 8
84 by 96 inches

You can use any folded triangle method. I wanted to conserve my solid fabrics so I cut them separately as triangles.

Solid: 8 star points, I used the EZ angle or Bonnie Hunter's triangle tool, cutting 8 from a 2 1/2 in strip
Print: 9 squares cut 4 1/2 inches. 4 of the squares have two corners cut off with Doug Leko's Folded Corners ruler.
I stack up 4 of the print squares and cut off the corners using Doug's ruler. Be careful to cut the correct ones if you are dealing with directional fabric.
Sew the triangles to the trimmed squares and press to the triangles. I placed the solid triangle point at the top of the block, using the blunted point to help position the triangle on the side.
Press pieced sections towards the unpieced print squares.
Press top and bottom row to the center row. Rotate every other block and the seams will nest.

My design. Use at your pleasure.

Wednesday, December 05, 2018


It has been a busy fall semester and will be a busy spring semester too. Final grading is this coming week.
I have three more quilts ready for binding work. I try to do handwork every Sunday evening.
For the first in a very long time I have nothing at the quilter. Several projects started at LeClaire remain, and a few begun here. I will need to organize myself so that I have sewing ready to go when I can fit it in.