Tuesday, September 09, 2008

perseid meteor shower and evening stars

I love meteor showers; something I miss most from living on the farm is the sky--morning, noon, and night. We had great sunrises and sunsets. I am amazed that I am able to enjoy the sunsets and sunrises in the city, but the night sky is paltry, and the meteor showers totally absent.
I made this quilt in 1994 when Andy was working in Atlanta during his sabbatical. Eve and Paul were 4 and 7, and I set up my machine in our bedroom and sewed after they went to bed. I call the border treatment "sprockets" because it looks like the edges of film. If you click on it, you can see that the borders are just a continuation of the center of the quilt--the whole quilt is 2 inch finished squares and half-square triangles.

I made a pair of these evening star quilts for their beds about the same time. They remain some of my favorite quilts. I haven't seen these quilts for a while, they were unearthed in a futile attempt to clean the attic.

Friday, September 05, 2008


I was lamenting my lack of time/energy/inclination to accomplish anything domestic lately. My wonderful neighbor Sharon suggested we spend Friday afternoon cooking together.
We made the black bean soup and cheese muffins from Pioneer Woman .
Sharon had some heirloom Black Valentine beans that took longer to cook than we expected, giving us more time to talk. She even let me raid her stash of brown fabrics for a quilt I am working on.
Our families enjoyed the suppers and we have enough bean soup at both houses to last until our next cooking date set for September 25th.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

rolling start/remembering less irritating kids

The rolling start of the school year is in full steam. Andy teaches year round. I started mid August, my grad-student nephew who lives here was next, then Seth in 5th grade, this week Eve a Junior, and, lazing at home for another two weeks until the university gets its act together to start O week, Paul. His ability to mosey around is all the more striking with 5 people busy leaving the house between 0530-0700. A lesser mother might become resentful. OK, this mother has become resentful.
Here is one of my favorite pictures of them, about 5 years ago, back when they didn't irritate me so much. I had given it to my father-in-law and I just found it going through a pile of his possessions.