Thursday, February 07, 2008

this beautiful city

We awoke this morning to a lovely street scene, and it was so still all day the snow continues to hang on the trees. It has stayed cold enough that the snow covers the slush and pot holes.
Tonight I was at a party along the north branch of the Chicago river, and got the second picture with the Sears Tower in the background.

Monday, February 04, 2008

snow day bargello

I had a snow day Friday and used it to work on my bargello.
Like Bonnie, I am a thrift store plaid shirt fan, and a popular class here is when I have a simple pattern and a plaid exchange. People come with at least 4 whole shirts, I have a table for each shade and have my plaids scattered. People mix and match and come out with a wonderful assortment. I am always amazed at the variety and wonder where those shirts were when I was at the thrift.
My strips were up on the board and l liked how it looked with one set uncut so I left it that way--added an asymmetry to the whole thing.
I am not going to put on borders--"engaging the edge" (a phrase from Weeks Ringle).