Sunday, November 26, 2017

Totenfest Sunday

The paraments were in use this morning.

Totenfest is a special Sunday where we commemorate members of our congregation who died in the past year. It is very moving to hear the names and watch a friend or family member bring a rose to a vase in the front of the church. There were seven deaths this past year, the last only about 12 days ago and that family's pain was noticeably fresh.
The beauty of being part of a congregation is these connections over time and between generations. It was comforting to know some day a rose will be brought forward for me.

Monday, November 20, 2017

paraments ready for totenfest

In honor of a retiring pastor at St Pauls, I was asked to make paraments for the white seasons of the church.
Top is the lectern piece, then the pulpit piece. Below, the altar cloth.
I finished them yesterday and today installed them for this coming Sunday, the last day of the liturgical year when we celebrate Totenfest, a day of memorial for members who died in the past year.
They then will be tucked away for the four weeks of Advent, and will come back out for Christmas.
I love being in the sanctuary all by myself. Such a quiet and lovely space.