Saturday, January 31, 2009

anniversary quilts

These quilts were made for my parents' 45th and 50th anniversaries.
The 45 Tulips are from Mary Hickey's Angle Antics--a book with many errors so if you have an old copy, make sure you check with the publisher for corrections. I found a few errors they did not have on their list. It was quilted by VJ Smith, the most amazing machine quilter I ever worked with.
The second quilt, for their 50th anniversary, was hand quilted by my mother's neighbor, Mrs. Bolks. She quilted two wedding rings in each golden star.

auction quilt

My mother bought this wonderful redwork quilt included in a box of linens at an auction near home, and discovered her grandmother's name embroidered in one of the blocks! Carrie (Graada) Diekevers is on the top block along with a lot of other Diekevers.
I love the swan (duck?) and the owls. I will get a photograph of the whole quilt next time I'm home.

Bible Story Theater 2009--Ruach The Breath of God

My photos aren't so good this year of the big cast. Here is Eve as the Tree of Life, Seth and his classmates as Ezekiel's Dry Bones, and, the narrators, Earth Wind Fire and Water, in costumes that only about 10 people in the audience got the joke, but, for those 10 people, it was so worth it.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

road not taken

In 2004 I prepared a few pieces to present to a jury for inclusion in the Illinois Artisans Shop. I only got a few done when I decided to go back to nursing and did not have the time to focus on production of enough pieces to apply.
I love this little piece that was part of that endeavor. It is about 18 by 24 inches, made from hand dyed scraps from several projects. Working freely with fabrics in starting this project has greatly influenced my quiltmaking since.

Thursday, January 08, 2009


I am home, trying to keep quiet for a while until classes start again. I am pulling out a few projects that were just about done, then the little bit left forgotten. This quilt was made 5 1/2 years ago for Paul's eight grade graduation; totally completed--even the label, except for the sleeve being tacked down. It took about 15 minutes, and is now done. I had made Paul a treasure box with that wonderful solstice fabric when he was about six. He kept stones and shells and bits in it, now I see it has Magic Cards in it and Seth uses it.
I love the Irish Chain pattern--it can be any mood you want it to be with simple fabric choices.


We did manage to all be in the same state and time zone for about a day on January 4th. Andy and Eve had been on the East Coast. Here also is Katie, the reason for Paul to be in Nebraska. Of all of us in the photographs, only the 11 year old was at a rockin' New Years Eve Party. How pathetic is that?

addenda: I just noticed the traditional Japanese Warrior who attended the Christ Child in the nativity scene above our heads. There was a Star Wars Storm Trooper holding baby Jesus at another scene I took down today.