Thursday, November 21, 2019

tip #50, make an artifact

My Hillary quilt top was packed up in 2016 in preparation for our move. This week I decided it needed to be finished as an artifact of that time.
For anyone who argues that politics do not belong in quiltmaking, I strongly disagree.
Throughout quilting history quiltmakers have expressed political opinions in their work. The topics of the day remain as artifacts of our quilting language: Burgoyne Surrounded, 54-40 or Fight, Tippecanoe and Tyler Too, Amethyst, Kansas Troubles.
The impeachment hearings are making me anxious and my way of dealing with that is handwork.
Are you a Donald Trump supporter? Let your descendants know by making a T quilt.
As for me, I am at work on an I is for Impeachment quilt.

Monday, November 18, 2019

more binding!

evening star (floating)
puss in two corners
Not a lot getting done here with this semester taking a lot out of me.
BUT, today three quilts were ready for pick-up from my long-arm quilter, and, because I had the labels, sleeves, and bindings ready, it was quick work to get the machine part done, setting me up for my Sunday evening handwork sessions til the new year.
All directions for these quilts are here on the blog.