Sunday, September 30, 2012

Dykstra corn, 2012

The corn is ready for harvest. This is the first crop managed by my mom and we sisters. This week marked one year since my father's death. We are grateful for his guidance over the years, preparing us for all we had to do this past year.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

some children come to play

Several quilters who have used my tutorials for the children blocks have sent me some of their blocks--THANK YOU!! They are a delight. I love the Olympian Bolt.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

mom's scraps used again in spools

I am making the spools along with Bonnie Hunter as an ongoing project for the year.
Once again, I am using some of my mother's scraps. Each scrap is a wonderful memory.
Now that I have made many from her scraps, I will work from my own. This is an incentive to keep working on organizing my sewing room.
I am using Kona Cotton Rich Red for my constant.

grandmother's choice--Sunflower

Well, that wasn't going to happen.
Barbara's block for this week was an intricate sunflower.
I went my own way with a pieced one. Not really happy with the very narrow border I ended up with--may work with it later if it still bothers me.
Third in a series of 49 blocks shared by Barbara Brackman in her block-of-the-week history lesson recalling the fight for women's rights.

My Grandmother as a child in Northern Michigan, about 1890.
Hillegen (Ella), Graada (Carrie), John, Gerrit Jan, Edward

Friday, September 21, 2012


It was Eve's last day in town, so we took her to lunch at Topolobampo.
It helps to get a last minute reservation when you sit next to the maitre d' in the church choir.
Dessert--make sure you get dessert...

Saturday, September 15, 2012

grandmothers choice--Union Square

Union Square, third in a series of 49 blocks shared by Barbara Brackman in her block-of-the-week history lesson recalling the fight for women's rights.

The Gerrit Jan and Graada (Carrie) Diekevers family, northern Michigan, McBain area.
back row: Cornelius, Edward, John, Hillegen (Ella)--my grandmother
front row: Gerrit Jan, Henry, Graada (Carrie Rabbers)
They later moved to Boyden, Iowa where Gerrit Jan was a carpenter.

Monday, September 10, 2012

grandmother's choice--Amethyst

Amethyst, second in a series of 49 blocks shared by Barbara Brackman in her block-of-the-week history lesson recalling the fight for women's rights.

My grandmother, Ella (Hillegen) Diekevers Scholten and her mother Carrie (Graada) Rabbers Diekevers. About 1910.

Carrie was born to Dutch immigrants who are commemorated on a monument in Holland, Michigan as being founding settlers. She married Gerrit Jan Diekevers and moved to northern Michigan. They later moved with their five children to Boyden, Iowa where he was a carpenter. Carrie lived with her daughter in her old age, and my mother remembers her living with them.

Ella worked as a housekeeper until her marriage at age 30. She and my grandfather had 6 children. She died of breast cancer on the day her second grandchild was born; eventually she would have 26 grandchildren (I am number 10).
She was lovingly remembered by her children as being a quiet, gentle woman, an excellent cook, and a phenomenal seamstress.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

cute baby alert

We had a wonderful baby shower for my grandniece at my sister Janna's house. She decorated with dresses and outfits my mother sewed for us. I believe Janna had a new dress every week until I was born and diverted a bit of my mother's time and attention!
Last year Dad told me that he knew we kids were frustrated and embarrassed when we frequently arrived at church late (dairy farmers are on barn time) but he said he always took a bit of pride as we walked in because, due to my mother's sewing efforts, we always looked really good.

Meta Rose wearing my father's (her Great-Grandpa Dykstra's) hat.

The Baby-Tenda! And, three generations of toys. My mom made the quilt  for Janna's first birthday with scraps from clothes my mother made for her.

Four generations! Henrietta, Janna, Brahm, and Meta.

My mother's china and silver

Dresses and outfits made by my mother

Three of my favorite Iowa farm women.

Monday, September 03, 2012

grandmother's choice--with Barbara Brackman

I am joining Barbara Brackman's block-of-the-week history lesson recalling the fight for women's rights.
Her series is named Grandmother's Choice.
It is aptly named for my endeavor, as my two grandmothers were able to vote in the first election open to women in 1920.
Fabrics: I am using a great odd green to commemorate my grandmothers' work on their farms. I will be using recycled plaid shirts honoring their raising their families during the depression.
This week the block is Grandmother's Choice.

These are my grandparents' wedding pictures. Both couples were married in 1920, the year women were given the vote!
They were farmers in Sioux County, Iowa.

Ella (Hillegen) Diekevers and Jan Scholten

Cynthia (Gezena) Meerdink and Jerry (Jurrien) Dykstra