Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Jane Sassaman

I love Jane Sassaman's fabrics and have been using them on the backs of quilts for teenaged girls lately.
On this one, (I showed the top unquilted before) the wonderful quilter, Suzette Fisher, quilted from the back and used the flowers as a guide. They appear as embroidery in the stained glass.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

princess and the pea

We have been preparing for a bridal shower Saturday for my nephew's fiance. I had a goal of knitting 7 dishcloths--6 are done and #7 is one baseball practice away from being finished.
I love how colorful they are. Together they remind me of the many layers in my favorite childhood story "the Princess and the Pea", probably not the most progressive story out there for little girls, but it had great illustrations of quilts and mattresses.

So, I have been knitting at baseball, fencing, tennis, while blinded at an eye exam, and two, count them two mamogram sessions in 5 days. The report was good, but I was knitting furiously between takes at the call back.
An odd look comes over people's faces when they ask what I am making, and I reply "dishcloth". A bit of pity that this is a waste of time. But, in the time they have been watching a practice, I have watched a practice, PLUS come out with 1/3 of a dishcloth!

Monday, May 01, 2006

county lines

The pattern County Lines by Mountainpeek Creations
has become a new favorite of mine after my friend Donna introduced me to it.
I love that it can be made from what is on my shelves. I've made it with thirties repro reds with aqua sashing--the colors of my grandmother's kitchen! This one I made with fushia and orange batiks.