Monday, October 30, 2006

my favorite halloween story

I have not been posting as we have lost the cord to upload from the camera to the computer. I have 2 posts ready, but not the photos. One is about my dungeon basement laundry room!
So, I will share a story an acquaintance told me about her Grandmother.

Grandma had moved to town from the farm, and the family was worried about her safety as this town had a reputation for wild Halloween pranks. An uncle spent Halloween night with Grandma and told of her evening.
At about 10pm there was a knock at the door and on the porch was a group of teenaged boys. "Trick or Treat," they called out in their low voices.
Grandma replied, "Oh, I'm out of candy, but here are some cigarettes for you."
They awoke the next morning to find that every house on the block had been toilet papered except for Grandma's!

Monday, October 02, 2006

another maple leaf


This was my second maple leaf--I had most of the blocks made and searched for the best orange for the setting strips and border. I found this beautiful Princess Mirah batik when I was on jury duty in the Land Beyond Ohare (what we Chicago types call where I tend to get lost),
It is being held by a nice young man from New Zealand who is visiting with my nephew. They teach English in Korea and are watching Korean soap operas on tv this morning before heading downtown.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

fall, maple leaves

Judy and others have been posting maple leaf quilts. I have made two, this is the first, made about 8 years ago--one that got away without a label. The pattern was in American Patchwork and Quilting, I followed it closer than I do most patterns. I changed the orientation of the blocks to get a more diagonal feel. Note one of my signature ghost blocks--I love including a few low contrast blocks in a quilt.
Lots of thrift store shirts in this quilt!
The little leaves are 6 inches, the large ones 9 inches.