Thursday, June 28, 2007


I have added my sister Janna's Veterans History Project link to my blog. I am so proud of her work.
It is a wonderful place to spend a few hours reading about some ordinary people who have extraordinary stories. The veterans stories are very moving, and I am glad she is gathering these life defining stories. She also includes civilian memories. Look to the Dutch girl who was in a concentration camp in Sumatra and the Japanese American man who was in an internment camp.
Within my father's history (Leroy Dykstra), she includes my mother's (Henrietta Scholten Dykstra).
Growing up, I remember being secretly pleased that we had very modern parents compared to our relatives and friends. My mother wore blue jeans, even in the 1950s, we had pizza in the early 60s (albeit with hot dogs on top!).
Mom was a telephone operator until my older sister was born, and I remember being pleased she had at one time held a "real job". I love this picture.
She continues to be a wonderful role model to her daughters in her creativity, faith, and compassion.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

more plaids

I just got these back from my quilter, Suzette. The County Lines pattern is a wonderful way to use a theme of fabrics. I have previous posts with using the pattern with turquoise and red, and batiks with black. This one with brown and plaids I really like. Very Japanese looking.
The squares were made as a class sample for my Flower Garden class, to show you could use the idea with something other than large florals. I love the border fabric.
Both of these quilts use very humble fabrics for the interior, then fabulously rich fabric for the borders.

Sunday, June 03, 2007


I was asked to make the ordination stole for a former intern at our church. She asked for periwinkle to be included. I had a hard time finding that shade, but settled for this. It is, along with the white, from Michael Miller's Fairy Frost line. It has a plasticized type finish to the printing that is a bit irritating to work with, but works good on garments as it resists oils and stains from the skin.
The design is very abstract. I put a lot of thought into these, as the white stoles are used at weddings and funerals, and at Easter and Christmas and other special times in the liturgical year.
My mother was here this weekend and was invaluable in helping with the handwork of the binding.

Friday, June 01, 2007

antique log cabin

This antique top is from my mother's friend, Mina, who is deaquisitioning her house to move to a retirement home. It is lovely. It is my turn to take care of it.