Friday, January 15, 2021

calendar quilt--a year half passed

I started this calendar quilt on my birthday in July. The thought behind it was marking off the days during quarantine. A bit of hubris to start a year-long project when we are in danger of the pandemic.
Most weeks I catch up on Saturdays as I do not work on it every day. I choose a square based on events, thoughts, moods. Most often I choose a fabric that reminds me of a family member or a friend, selected because I thought of them that day. Some of the fabrics are from these people. Sometimes it is just a fabric or color I love.
And sometimes it gets the mood of the day. There are little nurses and a Dr Fauci back when the vaccine was released. There is a Ruth Bader Ginsburg too.
Sadly, this week I included a chaos block for when the Capital was stormed.
Let us hope for calm going forward.

I cut solids when I have solids out for other projects. I cut squares ahead too.
Blocks are made ahead and kept in a box ready to pull from as they fit the day, or a fabric is sought out to commemorate a day.
The smartest thing I did in designing the quilt was to have a spacer between each Saturday and Sunday, making it easier to see where I left off.

Click on the "calendar quilt" label below to read previous posts detailing block construction and quilt design.
My design, use at your pleasure.

Friday, January 01, 2021

start at the very beginning

I started this alphabet today--actually two. One with batik scraps and the other with 30's repros and a constant green. I think I will go forward with both.

If you download it and print double sided, then fold in half at the horizontal, staple it, it makes a book.
Letters finish 10 by 8 before sashings/spacers

I have learned so far:
-Write the cut sizes larger as they are small and in green print. I have already made mistakes.
-Change the cutting when it doesn't make sense. On the B the right side does not need so many pieces. I made the two squares and two rectangles of that side into two rectangles 3 1/2 by 2 1/2.
-Press the way it wants to be pressed, not the way they say to. With the batiks behaving differently from the 30's fabric, I let them do what they wanted.
-I am using Doug Leko's simple folded corners mini. Any flipped triangle method would work but I like this one. Link below.

Anyone want to join me on this?
I am not rushing this. It may turn out to be a several months project.
I am not worrying about the sashing/spacers/layout for now.
There is also a mini version of these. Link below.