Sunday, June 06, 2021


One thing I can do but am clumsy with is appliqué. I will try this coming year to see if I can become better at it.
I invested in a full set of Applipops. They are a great invention and do exactly what they propose to do: make turned under circles ready to appliqué.
By giving myself a year of steady work with it I hope my technique improves.
We shall see!


Mystic Quilter said...

Sounds and looks like a great idea! Do you need to starch the fabric before using? Looking forward to seeing where you go with this project.

Lynn Dykstra said...

Mystic Quilter: yes! They recommend Stay Flo starch.

Jenny said...

I'm no good at hand applique and tend to do it by machine. Nothing as thing as those little circles though. It will be great to see how your applique project evolves.

Lynn’s little sister said...

Looks like balcony work!

Joan H. said...

I'm relatively good applique except for circles, so I got a full set of the Applipops for Christmas and they are great!! I no longer live in fear of circles. Good luck with your applique journey. I love your quilts and your blog.