Tuesday, May 25, 2021


Block finishes 10 by 4 1/2 inches 
I plan to set it 18 by 10, to finish 100 by 81 inches or 18 by 9, to finish 90 by 81 inches.

When making a complicated block I like to also make a simpler one to use as a break. This one was a good companion sewing project while making the Circled Squares.
It is a variation of the Riven block I made a couple years ago.
I like rectangle blocks. And this one gives a good amount of space to showcase prints. 

one 1 1/2 by 5 inch rectangle
one 9 1/2 inch by 5 inch rectangle, cut into a 6 by 5 inch rectangle and a 3 1/5 by 5 inch rectangle. 
(I do not always cut it from a 9 1/2 inch rectangle. When using scraps that are shorter than that I cut them individually.)

Sewing and pressing
Sew the solid rectangle between the print rectangles.
Do not press until time for assembly.

I like to start by sewing all blocks into pairs. This gets me from 180 blocks to 90 units. 
Press every other block seams up or down.
I put pairs into the machine with the down pressing on top. At this point I have the most control over the blocks and by keeping the non-butting seams in this orientation, I save the more accurate butting together of the seams for when I am joining the units.

Then I sew three units together to have 30 large sections of 6 blocks.

These are put three sections to a row.
When rows are completed, press every other row left or right.
Join rows.
All seams will nest.
Watch for the completed top to be posted soon!

My design. Use at your pleasure.


R's Rue said...

So pretty.

The Joyful Quilter said...

LOVE easy block quilts!! Looking forward to seeing your quilt top.

Beth H said...

I have made two of these tops. Saturday 7/17 I am hosting a QAL for 18 people making this block. You have been credited several times. We are excited about the easy blocks with a great look.
It is wonderful for using up bigger scraps!