Wednesday, July 20, 2016

coxcomb, antique quilt

A friend is moving to a retirement community in Arizona and asked me to take this quilt.
It is a lovely coxcomb.
My guess from the fabrics and the feel is it was made in the 1880s
All the green is nearly gone. The red is in shreds where there was printing. The gold and the white background and backing are in perfect shape.
It is the most closely quilted piece I have ever seen.
Measures 76 by 96 inches,
Evelyn wanted to make sure I knew the quilt wasn't abused and I agree--other than the shattered fabrics, the quilt is in beautiful shape and feels so nice to be under. I am sure it kept many people warm over the years.
I am honored to be it's caregiver and, when the time is right, I will pass it on to another quilt lover.
Safe travels, Evelyn!


Becky Summers said...

Hi Lynn - I wanted to tell you how much I've enjoyed your blog. I stumbled upon it while searching for ideas for my stash of plaid fabrics, and I've spent the last couple of nights looking at all of your photos of your beautiful quilts. I love your design sensibility and color choices, and even though I'm an experienced quilter I learned some new things about scraps quilts - love your concept of "ghost blocks", and your red spool quilt is fab too :-)

My thrifting of plaid shirts has got to stop until I make at least a couple of quilts out of them, so thanks for the ideas!

McMinnville, OR

Kaja said...

This is beautiful! I actually really like what has happened to the red fabric - it looks lacy delicate and almost deliberate.

Donna said...

I like that you can enjoy this quilt as it is, and passing it on to someone else who will treasure it when the time comes.