Saturday, April 06, 2024

lower case alphabet, red and white, top completed

Lower-case alphabet (red and white)
63 by 55 1/2 inches
Top completed 2024

This is my 9th alphabet quilt, the first with lower-case letters.
I wanted to make a lower-case and found several cross stitch designs on Pinterest. The links were dead so I am not sure who to credit. I made small edits from those inspirations and adapted to piecework.

Background red scrap squares are cut 2 inches, finishing 1 1/2 inches.
White letters (Kona Snow) are from 2 inch cut strips that are left continuous where possible.
Basic directions are here.
I worked from the left to the right into rows that minimized but did not eliminate all twisted seams. After the rows were assembled, I added additional a border of 3-squares-wide rows on all four sides.
Rundown of my alphabet quilts. (in parenthesis the source or inspiration--I adapted all to my sewing style and altered many letters along the way)

a. B is for Beth, done with plaids and various red solids (loosely based on Cheri Payne's from her blog Quilts by Cheri)
b. I-spy alphabet (McCall's Best Day Ever alphabet)
c. 30s repro alphabet blocks (Moda's Spell it with Fabric)
d. 37 times around the sun, green with a bit of pink batiks on neutral batiks (Moda's Spell it wiht Fabric)
e. Solid squares on teal (Missouri Star Easy Alphabet)
f. Checkerboard medallion with 1880s repros (Lisa Bongene's Primitive Gatherings Mini Alphabet)
g. Red and white capital letters (Missouri Star Easy Alphabet)
h. Eggplant chunky alphabet with batiks (Alyce Blyth's Easy as ABC)
i. Being quilted--Red and white lower case alphabet (adapted from several cross stitch drawing on Pinterest--originating links were not included)
j. In progress--Orange and grey small letters (Temecula Quilt Co. B is for Baby)
k. Just started--Grey with scrap orange triangles 


Jenny said...

I love alphabet quilts and have made a couple so far. Your new red one is spectacular, looking closely I can see a million tiny red squares in there!

Cynthia@wabi-sabi-quilts said...

I really love seeing your alphabet quilt - your signature quilt right? This one is terrific!! Wow, so much to see.