Sunday, February 09, 2020

patience corner

Patience corner, finishes 8 inches
Patience corner
Block finishes 8 inches

Solid: four rectangles 1 1/2 by 3 1/2 inches, four rectangles 1 1/2 by 4 1/2 inches
Print: four 3 1/2 inch squares

When sewing each quarter, press away from print square.
When sewing two quarters together, press to the print square.
Leave center seam unpressed until top assembly time.

Patience corner is one of my favorite blocks. There is a visual disruption going on that makes things a bit juggled. When set together a lattice forms over the quilt top.
It is a block that makes a great setting for small quilt blocks. I used it in a Temecula sew-a-long last year, using it to set 4 inch sampler blocks.
It is also a block that can have different proportions between the elements and several ways to lay out. It would work well on point too.

My design from a traditional pattern. Use at your pleasure.


Connie said...

Looking very nice.
Happy quilting!

Cynthia@wabi-sabi-quilts said...

It's a really interesting versatile block - thanks for sharing!