Monday, April 01, 2013

making a liturgical piece

Beth asked me to chronicle how I go about making a liturgical piece.
I've made many stoles for ministers over the years.
I am ready to retire from this, but had one last request from my dear friend and pastor, Avena.

The name Avena comes from the Latin for oats, and I thought it fitting, in making her piece for the liturgical color of white, to incorporate the color of oats. And, since this will be often worn during Easter time, I wanted to include that most wonderful color green of early oat fields.

Avena had a quilt top made by her grandmother. Avena's mother cut squares of Avena's childhood and teenaged clothing she made for her, and the grandmother (also named Avena), who was well into dementia, pieced a very puckered and unquiltable top.
I cut off about 18 inches of it to use for a lining of the vestment. I will quilt up the remainder for a keepsake for the family.

To stabilize the patchwork, I quilted it to a cotton batt (not using a backing) using a serpentine stitch. I let the puckers turn into tucks wherever they wished.

I chose Michael Miller's Fairy Frost in white for the bulk of the stole, and selected several shades of yellow and the wonderful green for the detail.

Using my rotary cutter, I free cut curves in pieces of the fabrics, turn them under, and press. I move the curves around, having them play with each other, until I am satisfied with what is going on. I work on both sides at once, trying to keep the design flowing and harmonious.
Then, they are appliqued with a topstitch, using a walking foot.
I add free style quilting lines then bind it.


Avena showing the lining of the stole; the lining was made from a quilt top pieced by her grandmother.

The Reverend Avena Ward, associate pastor, St Pauls United Church of Christ, Chicago.


Brenda said...

lovely! thanks for sharing your process.

Every Stitch said...

What a nice job you have done! So interesting to see this kind of work.

Kathie said...

always love seeing these that you have made over the years. this one is going to be so special to her for many years to come
I think its wonderful you take the time to make these for your church.