Sunday, November 04, 2012

morgenrot (red sky at morning) 2012

Morgenrot (Red Sky at Morning) is a quilt commemorating the Schuenemann family and their contributions to the City of Chicago and to St Pauls Church. They sailed the Christmas tree ship on Lake Michigan for many years. The Rouse Simmons went down in 1912 and all aboard were lost.

St Pauls is having a Shuenemann festival this month and asked me to make a quilt to help raise funds for a plaque honoring the family and the ship on the 100th anniversary of the loss. The plaque will be placed on the Clark Street bridge.

Quilt is about 82" by 82".  Block is 16 inches finished.
Quilted by Suzette Fisher.
It was a joy to make.
I'll post soon with block instructions.


Beth said...


Anonymous said...

I love it so much!!


Pat B said...

What a wonderful quilt. Someone will be very happy to win this.

Ginette Rostedt said...

Beautiful. Classic.

Ginette Rostedt said...

Beautiful. Classic.

I Quilt for Fun said...


Finn said...

It's an absolutely gorgeous quilt Lyn! I loved it the moment the picture came up on the screen, even without the family significance. You did an awesome job. It's a great tribute to your family. Congratulations!! Hugs, Finn

Kathie said...

OMG , OMG, OMG I LOVE this quilt
I want to make one right now!
pattern please and what fabric fabrics did you use
you know I love red so this red background is what makes this quilt !!!! It is so stunning , so graphic
I would love to make it to hang on a wall in our home

Kathie said...

will the quilt be sold in an auction or raffle tickets????
hmmm I may just have to buy some tickets!