Saturday, September 22, 2012

grandmother's choice--Sunflower

Well, that wasn't going to happen.
Barbara's block for this week was an intricate sunflower.
I went my own way with a pieced one. Not really happy with the very narrow border I ended up with--may work with it later if it still bothers me.
Third in a series of 49 blocks shared by Barbara Brackman in her block-of-the-week history lesson recalling the fight for women's rights.

My Grandmother as a child in Northern Michigan, about 1890.
Hillegen (Ella), Graada (Carrie), John, Gerrit Jan, Edward


Vicki W said...

The sunflower block is killing me! I will make a second one today. The first was a disaster. :-)

Beth said...

I've never seen this block before. I like it. If you put a wide blue sashing in between, I think it would look nice with the narrow border. But, I don't have the eye you have.

Josephine said...

Heee, that's the first time in my life, that i hear of somebody else who's called Grada! My grandmother's name was Grada!!
Greetings from Holland, Josephine