Tuesday, March 13, 2012

an extravagant welcome--putting it together part 3

Above is a printout of the original quilt. I have marked it into the large 9-patch block units and cut it into how I put the quilt together. (The numbers are just me counting blocks and partial blocks.)

There are times when I work in rows--especially with on point settings, but in straight settings I like to work in sections rather than rows.

I don't like long seams.
They are boring.
They have more potential for getting the quilt out of square.
And I think they put more stress on the quilt. By working in sections, there are just a few long seams. If someone sits on the quilt, that long thread will most likely snap. That is ok if it is just one or two seams, but if I have 20 rows, there is a potential for 20 snapped threads.
There are more twisted seams with this method, but I am ok with that.

At this point, I have 28 full blocks and 7 partial blocks and I will use my wall.

I put up the blocks, and rearrange to my content. I then start putting together in segments, placing a pin in what will be the top right corner when that segment returns to the board. 
I work in segments that are of different sizes so I can quickly place it back on the board when I return from the machine.

So, I am making giant 9-patches and 12-patches and whatever else until I have one final seam to make that will be the entire width or length of the quilt.

Borders? I will use a neutral 2 inch border, then finish with a 4 1/2 inch scrappy dark border, the same I one I used in the original. When I get there, I will post some hints on how to make that work easier!

So, have any of you been making these blocks?
I'd love to hear from you.

It will take me a bit to get this all together, but did you note the date? I said I thought I could get the blocks done in a month, and I did!
Watch for the completed top in the next 6 weeks.

And, thanks again to Melissa Kane for her wonderful inspiration.


Karen said...

I don't like long seams either but do them. I remember seeing how to sew in short seams on Alex Anderson's show a long time ago. It was just basically sewing in sections instead of rows.

Kathie said...

I agree whenever I can I sew blocks into bigger units and then sew them together...
no I haven't made a block yet but its still high up on my list, maybe when spring break is over and she heads back to your area! I can get back to sewing

Anonymous said...

I'm in awe.


abelian said...

I'm saving the instructions, but haven't started anything yet. Thanks very much for all the details!


Judi said...

Hi Lynn,

I am making these blocks as part of Nancy's block swap - and enjoying it very much.

Since I live very close to London, I have made a set of Olympic athlete blocks.

Thank you so much for the inspiration and the instructions!


I Quilt for Fun said...

I still love this....beginning to get serious about cutting my scrap mess and this is the perfect way to use a tiny bit of those scraps....and get some kiddos lined up and ready to sew.

Just reread every post and so looking forward to seeing it in its entirety!

Thanks so much for the effort this took....