Saturday, November 26, 2011

tip # 14 turkey salad

Our favorite recipe from my mother-in-law Lu is Turkey Salad.
Great on a pretzel roll a couple of days after the feast.

To make, cut up some onions into wedges, have some dried parsley leaves, and lots of leftover turkey. You will need to use a hand grinder like this one I have of my Grandma Dykstra (Seth has asked my mother, his Grandma Dykstra for hers as she is taking apart her kitchen.)
You can use a food processor but while it will taste the same, it will not be the same consistency.

Grind the turkey, adding to the grinder parsley and onion as you go.

Take this ground mixture and add lots of fresh ground pepper and some mayonnaise. How much? Each member of this family likes a bit different proportions, so whoever helps me grind gets to choose the amount for this batch. I enjoy the conversations while we do this together.

Tip: After a feast it is easiest to debone the turkey while it is still warm--you will have the meat ready for the salad or other leftovers, the bones on the boil for stock, and room in the fridge for everything else.


WhiteStone said...

I've never had this before, but today was wondering if it would be good! We're already tired of all the usual leftovers such as hot turkey sandwich (with gravy over potatoes and bread) and regular cold turkey sandwiches. Maybe I can coax Hubby to try this tomorrow. lol

WhiteStone said...

And maybe add some cranberry sauce!

regan said...

This sounds quite yummy! Thanks!

Anymart said...

That makes my stomach growl! Love the recipe!

Anonymous said...

Oh yum...I may have to borrow your grinder next year!!


Sheila said...

Your hand grinder pic brings back fond memories of making "ground up meat" (bologna, hard-boiled eggs, pickles, and homemade mayo) with my mom. I miss that old grinder! Your recipe sounds delicious and I must try it. Thanks!