Monday, August 01, 2011

6 years of blogging

In honor of my 6 years of blogging since August 2005, I will give tribute to my grandfather, Jan Scholten, who is responsible for the title of this blog. My Scholten cousins are gathering in August so this seems timely. Watch for a picture of nearly the whole dozen of the klein meisjes!

I also plan, for the next year, to blog a tip each Monday. There is so much we do as quilters that is second nature, and we don't acknowledge that we had to learn them at one point. Many of you will say, "I do that all the time," but you had to figure it out somewhere. Watch for simple things, complex things, and things that make you question just what kind of mind I have.


regan said...

Oh boy.....I can't wait! Another nutty quilter....yay! lol

Louise SS said...

Wow, you sure have a lot of reasons to celebrate this time of year! Happy 30th and 6th anniversaries!
Have a wonderful time at your family reunion. Families are sooo important and not everybody are blessed to have them. Enjoy your time with them!
Louise in Sweden

Anonymous said...

I have loved all six years of your blog!!


Ginette said...

Great idea. Always looking for new tips or a refresher on something I've forgotten.

Jan said...

Looking forward to it! Happy Anniversary!

Shasta said...

Congratulations on your anniversary! I look forward to seeing the tips. We can always learn something new.