Friday, June 03, 2011

serendipity snakes

There is a method of sewing up strips that I've done for quite a while that is showing up on the web as a way to use purchased strips.
I have taught this as the "snake" method of patchwork.
I use this method to clean up a pile of neglected strips, usually the ones that I leave behind because they are not inspiring me.
Take a pile of strips and sew them together to make a long (very long) snake. (I use straight edge piecing as I think it has a more primitive look--I see many people mitering.)
Take the head of the snake and the tail of the snake and sew them together along the sides to make a snake two strips wide. (You will need to cut the fold that occurs at the new tail of the snake. It may twist in your sewing--that is ok, just cut it before you get to the end to untangle it.)
Again, take the head and the tail and sew them together to make a snake 4 strips wide.
Repeat to 8; repeat to 16, repeat to 32, etc. You can stop at any number and use the panel as fabric and cut it to what you want.
This delightful top came from my two inch light strips drawer. Again, short pieces I had passed over many times come together with serendipity to make something wonderful.
Click serendipity snakes label below to some other examples of my use of this method.


Janet O. said...

I Like this look and I think I get what you mean, but if you posted a tutorial of the "head" and "tail" together, etc., I could be sure I get your meaning. I looked at all of the quilts that come up with that label and they are fun, primitive (as you said) looking quilts. Thanks!

Ginette said...

Sweet in your famous plaids. I made one several years ago using all blue plaids in the center and red plaids as a border. Fun to make. Nice job.

Bonnie K Hunter said...

Love this! I have also done this for years, and I love the randomness of where the seams fall! Wide strips make for a really great backing, and I like them vertical as well as horizontal!

Kathie said...

love this idea!
going to have to give it a try!

SubeeSews said...

Must be a REALLY long snake. I love mindless piecing! I must try this.
Yes do a tutorial with pictures please!