Saturday, January 06, 2007

flower garden class

I gave this class for the first time today at the Portage Park Center for the Arts. I have very generous students who help me edit my worksheets as the day goes, making a better class next time. This is my sample--made for my mother's birthday. It includes fabric of her mother who died in 1949. Mom had a wonderful flower garden on our farm, along with a half acre vegetable garden.
Here are some of the students' work. We exchanged fabrics and I am amazed how each quilt turned out differently :

Pam's got the top ready for borders!

We tease Patricia that her setting possibilities reflect her European esthetic, or her own warped color sense!

Kathy has learned so much in the past year. I love how she matched her fabrics today.

Kay has returned to quilting from a long hiatus.

Joan is intrepid in her approach to quilting--nothing I throw at her discourages her.

Coming soon, pictures from Maggie, Ruth, and Judy.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely use of a bunch of floral fabrics. Hhhhmmmm, seems like I have a nice sized collection of those same type fabrics.........

Anonymous said...

I am glad the class went well. It is amazing how differently each one turns out even when sharing fabric

Anonymous said...

Sounds and looks like a fun, freeing class, Lynn! I love the idea of exchanging fabrics amongst the class participants.

Anonymous said...

Looks like everyone had fun and is going to have a beautiful quilt. You do so much. What an energetic lady.

Anonymous said...

Lynn seems like a great class! What a great idea on sharing fabric around. And I too love how each quilt is so unique. Lovely work all round!