Tuesday, May 29, 2018

star, top completed

81 by 99 inches
99 blocks set 9 by 11

Block finishes 9 inches

Solid: four triangles cut from 3 1/2 inch strips with EZ angle or Bonnie Hunter's Essential Triangle Tool
Print: five 3 1/2 inch squares, four triangles cut form 3 1/2 inch strip with EZ angle or Bonnie's tool

Points pressed to solids
Rows pressed to prints
Block pressed to center row

Rotate every other block and all will nest

My design, use at your pleasure.


julieQ said...

I love it! Are you running out of fabric yet????

Helen L said...

I'm so glad you're back and posting regularly. I truly missed your writing style and all your "Dutch" references. All my grandparents came here from the Netherlands to become vegetable farmers in Ohio and Michigan as well as a minister who went to Calvin College in Grand Rapids. Love all your quilts and you've inspired me to make a few from your patterns. Thanks for all of it.

em's scrapbag said...

Love this happy quilt!

audrey said...

Such lovely little pops of color in this quilt!

chickadee04287 said...

Your quilts are so colorful, I just love them. I enjoyed the rhubarb recipe and the story that goes with it. I would love to try to make one of your quilts and the rhubarb dessert!