Monday, July 03, 2017

tip # 39, photograph tops to find block errors

I occasionally find a block error only when looking at a photograph of the top.
The recent double four-patch quilt is an example of this. I made the top, admired it laid out on the floor, photographed it and posted it. Then after several days, I looked at the posted photograph again and noticed one four-patch was not in line. It amazes me that in the construction of the block and pressing it, in placing it in the layout, and in the time of looking at the top, I never caught it.
This isn't the first time this has happened. Errors are more noticeable, popping out, in photographs.
When we see the "humility blocks" in old quilts, I do believe most were unintentional.
I did fix this one--it was detracting from what this quilt was about. In another I might have left it alone. Sometimes the error elevates the quilt!


Chantal L. said...

Photograph helps me too to find the "oops" in my quilts. Your 4patch blocks are awesome together. ;^)

Shasta Matova said...

That's happened to me too. I often find mistakes from the photographs. It is a good thing I now take lots of progress shots instead of waiting until a quilt is finished before photographing it. This is a beautiful quilt.

ES said...

This is a valuable tip. Sometimes mistakes can stay in my quilts! Today I sewed everything in the wrong order, I decided to just redesign the layout because I could not face unsewing!