Thursday, April 13, 2017


Trying to stay positive here as we continue the big sort and prepare the house for sale.
School has been busy and the plus quilt is just a few blocks shy of being ready to put together.

Today my small group came over and went through a pile of fabrics I was ready to part with, choosing some for themselves and bagged up the remainder for the quilt guild. One took my hand quilting stand hoop.

The dining room looks great when I crop out the boxes ready for storage and donate!


julieQ said...

I love your positive quilt! It is emotional work to sort through a life...I am glad you are finding moments to sew!

ES said...

I love your solid and patterned series of quilts

Chantal L. said...

Your house looks great. Love the ceiling. Gorgeous! Love the Plus quilt too. ;^)

Amy said...

Based on the dining room picture, I'm positive your house is going to sell fast! And you've added another quilt to my "shamelessly copy Lynn" pile.

darlynn said...

OK Lynn, where are you and your husband being called to relocate?
I continue to admire your use of solids.
take care