Thursday, March 16, 2017

tip #38--simplify your labels

As we do the big sort I am contemplating re-homing quilts.
The kids do not want them all and I do want to give some to friends.
A few years ago I started simplifying my labels.
It is really hard to give away a quilt that has "for my darling daughter on her 14th birthday" written on the back. The recipient may think I decided my daughter was not so darling after all.

So, now it is just my name and Chicago and the year.
No baggage of sentiment.


Paula, the quilter said...

That is what I do, because who know if the quilt is going to end up in a thrift shop.

Chantal L. said...

Hmmm! Food for thoughts here. I have to go check what I wrote on older quilts. Thanks for sharing. ;^)