Sunday, February 26, 2017

a change of scenery

About three years ago we started to seriously think about moving from our house, knowing to continue to live on 4 levels as we age was not a good idea.
We knew there was much to do before it could happen so we started with some home improvement projects. Redoing the yard, cleaning out the basement, fixing the garage, painting rooms. 

The past year has been a ramp up of activities as we have made plans to buy an apartment.  

In all this, I have thoroughly enjoyed my fool's errand of trying to sew my way out of the attic. The solids on prints series of quilts is a major part of it. I can use fabrics that have nothing in common other than I liked them enough to purchase them or take them off the hands of friends. 
They are rather mindless in their sewing techniques, allowing my thoughts to wander and contemplate many issues. And they are a riot of color that makes me smile. 

As I pack up my sewing space, I am so grateful for the creativity it nurtured. I cannot, and really, don't want to take everything with me. For a while I re-homed books and fabric and unfinished projects. Now, I am just binning up what I don't want and donating it. I will offer some old quilts I took in from friends' families to other quilting friends. I realize I have too many quilts of my own to add all of these to my children's duty someday, so it is time for others to take care of them. 

Thirty years. More thank half my life. Most of my adult life. 
I will enjoy these last months on LeClaire.  Several quilts yet to be made in the attic!


ES said...

We spend a lifetime accumulating things, then one day we need to get rid of it all!!! I think sewing is great as we enjoy the process and a useful quilt is made and can be given away to keep someone warm :)

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I need to do that too even though I am not moving. I need to get my possessions down to a manageable amount and update my property. I will be watching for the next quilts in the series.

Amy said...

Little by little, I am helping my sister weed out things at my mother's house, unfortunately under her nose. Dementia is a horrible master. As a result, I am purging at our house where I can, and trying to sew my stash. Hopefully, most of it will be done before our children have to lend a hand.

Jan said...

My first thought was of your block parties! Are you moving downtown?