Friday, January 27, 2017

peripatetic quilts

My sisters and I have a deal.
If any of us sees something from home in one of the other's house that she wants, she can ask for it.
It doesn't mean you have to give it to her, but most often that happens.
You can always ask for it back later!

This is one of a pair of quilts we had on our beds growing up, pieced by our mom of her and her mother's sewing scraps, and quilted by our great-aunt Jen.
Mom enjoyed looking at the fabrics today and telling the history of them.
The quilts had wonderful ball-fringe that over time we pulled off and threw at each other.

Mom gave one to Beth and one to me a few years ago.
Because Andy and I are preparing to move, I offered mine to Beth so the quilts could be reunited.
Janna then asked if she could have them as she is setting up bunk beds for her granddaughters to use.
So, soon off to Wisconsin so Great-aunt Jen's great-great-great nieces can sleep under them!

Janna said she may sew on new ball-fringe.
If history repeats itself, there soon will be more late-night ball fights.


regan said...

That is so awesome!

Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

Just loved this story and I needed something to smile about this morning! Thank you.

Amy said...

This is so why I give away my quilts. What great memories in that pair, touched by your mom, grand mom, great aunt and sisters! And the next generation gets a turn too. I hope mine last as long.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely story!