Wednesday, December 28, 2016

plus? times?

When I am a ways into cutting the parts for a solids-on-prints quilt, I try to think of what I will do next, and start cutting for that one too. That way there is a bit of continuity in these quilts And, why not get going on that next one while I have some wild fabric out anyway?
At the moment, I am  far in cutting and sewing the zipper blocks, and have decided to finish out the year by starting a plus quilt, being 2016 was designated (by someone?) as the year of the plus quilt.

I found this very cute version by Tula Pink. She calls it Summer Days.
I can cut the prints from 17 inch 2 1/2 inch strips to yield a block that will finish 6 inches.
Thinking this would be nice on point--would that make it a times quilt rather than a plus quilt?

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