Sunday, September 18, 2016

olympics sew-a-long with Temecula Quilt Co., top completed

Temecula Quilt Co. did a sew-a-long on their blog during the Olympics.

I had all the fabrics already out in my active pile for the weekly Circa 2016 blocks, ready to cut the 4 1/2 inch squares, and the 2 1/2 squares and many of the 1 1/2 inch squares were already in my bins, so it was quick work to get this started. I've been grabbing time here and there to finish it up and it was always a pleasure to get a bit further along.

Temecula Quilts based their pattern on this wonderful antique piece. I love how it looks like someone without great skill but pragmatism took a quilt in progress and finished it up. Thank you, Temecula Quilts!
This photograph is from the Temecula Quilt Co. blog
project is available for download in their Project Patchwork series at their site:


Amy said...

Nicely done! I've got the steps saved, and plan to use up some scraps for this one. And, it's fun to see that we share a scrap - the Bonjour Chicken fabric. I'll make sure that I put one of those in mine. But first, I'm plugging away at the 64 patch blocks.

Donna said...

I made mine also, like you had everything cut already, so was fast to put together. Great fun!

cspoonquilt said...

Great quilt! My friend Randy is working on this project too! It's coming together nicely. Should be fun quilting too! cheers!

Anonymous said...

Love this! Sharon