Sunday, December 13, 2015

joy--third Sunday of advent

18 inches square. Made from cut 2 inch (finished 1 1/2 inches) squares of batik fabrics, quilted in a grid.

Last week I brokered a connection between one friend with a new daughter-in-law and a desire to have a hand-knit Christmas stocking to match the rest of her family's stockings, and a friend who is a master knitter who agreed to the task.
The first friend asked me why the second would do this, and I said, "She is a farm girl from South Dakota. She heard of a need and took care of it."

In gratitude to my knitting friend, I finished up this little quilt for her, made with leftovers from my niece's wedding quilt. Quite appropriately it is in the color of advent, purple, and today's third Sunday color of pink for joy.

It gives me joy to have these two friends who don't know each other. The first welcoming in the stranger to her family, the second sharing her gifts with a stranger. A lesson here.


Jean said...

Beautiful story. I feel we are here to help others.

Beth said...

Farm girl says it all!