Saturday, May 16, 2015

birches--for Faith

Last year my niece Faith told me she'd like a purple quilt for her high school graduation. I wrote then about pulling together some panels from a shoebox full of short  1 1/2 inch cut strips with my serendipity snakes method.
I purchased a lavender grey dot to use between the panels and a darker lavender grey for the top and bottom borders and binding. It reminds me of the birch trees on our farm.
The back is made of pieces of black prints from my stash. Who knew Nancy Crow and Debbie Mumm and Hoffman Woodblocks would look so great together.
Quilted by Suzette Fisher.
AND I had it completed for her party! (Done 20 minutes before guests arrived...)
Congratulations, Faith!

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Amy said...

It's beautiful, Lynn. Your niece will feel your love when she uses her quilt at college.