Friday, February 13, 2015

emptying a drawer

47 by 69 inches

I had a goal in 2013 and 2014 to move every quilt project one step forward. Lots of bindings and labels got done. Backs got made for a pile of quilts tops and they were taken to my two long arm quilters who were asked to fit them in here and there as their schedules allowed. I will keep this goal again this year--no pressure to have to finish a certain number of projects, just continue to move each project one more step forward. My steps to move forward usually are to add a border, make a back, get it quilted, and do the binding/sleeve/label.

This quilt was made in 2009 from my 1 1/2 inch strip drawer. I was tired of the leftover short pieces I kept picking over for other projects and decided to use the snake method of sewing them into this.
Quilted by Suzette Fisher. She made mostly parallel lines, and added boxes with angled lines here and there. I love what she did.

It reminds me of woven rag rugs. Our neighbor growing up, Charlotte Pals, wove rugs for my mother and others in the community. I still have a few of hers and I buy them from other weavers because they are so beautiful.

Those two long white strips that show up in the middle make me smile--the serendipity of this method gives these wonderful surprises.

I pieced the back from terracotta fabrics--popular in the 1980s and on my shelves too long. I think there are another 6 backs worth of terracotta fabrics here. Bound with leftover green binding scraps.


julieQ said...

As you may guess, being a scrapper myself...I just love this quilt!! Wonderful!!

Chantal said...

It is wonderful to move quilts along no matter how small the steps. I ♥ the long white strip in the middle of the quilt. It makes me think of when the sun tries to shine through branches and leaves. Great work Lynn!

audrey said...

It really does have a woven feel. Wonderful work! Your quilt back looks like many of mine.:)