Tuesday, December 23, 2014

cascadia quilt-a-long

As you can see, it is still in progress, but I want to share my version of Lori's Humble Quilts sew-a-long. I am not happy with my quilting of it, so it is being taking out and I will rethink. Come back soon to see it in all it's glory!
There are many quilts posted at her site, so take a look at the wonderful interpretations. Thanks, Lori, for another fun project.


Lori said...

I like what I see of your quilting! The quilt looks wonderful! Merry Christmas!

Karen said...

I find that with the little quilts, once they are washed and crinkled, they look good no matter what you have done with the quilting. I like your little quilt.

Anonymous said...

It's adorable!!


Ruth said...

Your quilt is very nice! I'm not thrilled with the way I quilted mine either. I wish I had used darker thread, but I'm leaving it. Maybe Karen is right and I'll wash mine to see.