Saturday, November 08, 2014

harvest fest

I was able to attend my sister's church's harvest fest. Each year she organizes a theme display that is open to the community. Past themes have included wedding dresses, quilts, baptism gowns, military uniforms, and dolls. This year, the theme was St Nicolaas.
A couple of my quilts were included in the display.
The tree quilt was started about 20 years ago from a Trudie Hughes book. I had it quilted this year, and worked on the binding this weekend. (It is not completely bound yet, but pinned for the display...)

My father brought the klompen home from the Netherlands in 1952 from his army days stationed in Germany. They are staged to look like they come from a Jan Steen house.
To be told you have a Jan Steen house is code that you are a bad housekeeper, like houses depicted in Jan Steen's paintings.
My sisters and I all have Jan Steen houses.

The carrots are for Sint Nicolaas' horse.
The three Santas have Janna's three sons' names quilted into the beards. I don't remember who designed that pattern. Made about 15 years ago.

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Anonymous said...

Your Jan Steen House is a creative wonderland. Love the quilts, and the story!