Friday, July 18, 2014

size determined by running out of fabric

I like how this turned out and wanted to make it bigger, maybe even twice as big, but I ran out of the blue/green solid. And, contrary to my previous post, it is not Kona Celadon.
Maybe Moda Bella Caribbean?
Well, I'm out and decided to finish it up at this size.
I think I need to buy a bolt of a solid fabric I love and make a bigger one.

The 2 inch scrap box looks like it can yield at least 10 more quilts.

 My favorite piece--the 1 is One duckling swimming in a dish from the Tasha Tudor book.


antique quilter said...

it looks great! you could always find another solid to go with this one and keep adding to it, make this like a medallion center!
isn't it fun to make quilts like this, love the duck :)I just love revisiting all these fabrics.
thanks for sharing

Chantal said...

It is so lovely. If you want it bigger just keep on with a solid a shade darker and "frame" what you already have. I've seen this somewhere with a house quilt. Between the house blocks were offwhite negative space and all around was beige negative space. It looked like it had a border without having one. It was so different and lovely. Just saying. Great job.

Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

Oh, it's wonderful. Thinking about starting one . . . .

Jan said...

Love it! Squares are a bit addicting, I think. Oh, heck, it all is! The squares do multiply though, don't they?!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful job, Lynn!! I agree, if you want it bigger, just do the rest in another shade. There are no rules!!


Terri said...

Lynn, your work is beautiful! I just might have to try this one!
Terri in Texas

Vicki W said...

It's such a pretty quilt!