Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Lady Godiva

Working on the binding of Eve's graduation quilt (Chinese Coins).
For my whole childhood this Lady Godiva fabric was in my mother's stash. We were so fascinated by this lovely woman and the clothes worn by the court. Mom would always laugh when we showed it to her.

The selvage of the fabric said "Banned in Boston".
I thought it was time to use this piece and combined it with other storybook type light fabrics for the back. Eve's graduating from Wellesley just outside Boston sealed the deal.

From my mom:
I remember getting that piece when I saw it on a 'remnant pile' at a store. It may have been Penney's in Sioux Falls. I am sure it is more than 50 years old. I always loved the feel of the softness of the fabric, it was like a batiste. Often thought of making a pillow case of it, but never did."



Vivian said...

I love fabrics that are unique, like your Lady Godiva fabric. I agree--it's a perfect time to use it. Something interesting on the back adds to the charm and uniqueness of our quilts.
I like your quilting, the diamond shaped grid. It's a great contrast to the rectangles.

Chantal said...

Oh my! Yes! I can only imagine the controversy this fabric must have caused 50 years ago!! It was most inappropriate. Image a woman on a green horse!!! No, no, that was unthinkable. (Sorry, I just had to say it... it's too funny.) Love the fabric and I've never seen any like it outside of Boston either. Just fun. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

A great story and a lovely quilt for Eve!