Saturday, October 06, 2012

mood! swatch!!

Alas, no Tim Gunn.
I was in New York last week and made a stop at Mood.
It was fun to see the shopping haunts of Project Runway, and of course, the dog Swatch.

I picked up two pieces of fabric that I will share with my neighbor, Sharon.
I already used bits of them in these spool blocks.
Make it work!


regan said...

What fun! I'm gonna do that our next trip into the city!

ga447 said...

I have always wanted to go to the shop Mood. I use to live in Queen and my Mom took me to shops like that when I was little. They are overwhelming sometimes.

sewprimitive karen said...

omg you went to Mood! Swatch looks just like he does on PR lol! Do they have quilting cottons?

Sherry said...

I went to Mood a year or so ago. . . didn't see Swatch, but I did get one of their canvas bags. It made me laugh when I said "thank you Mood" as I walked out. The staff looked a little weary (guess every one does that) but I had a good time.

DH hasn't been there yet so I am thinking that now that the weather is cooler we might make another trip in to the City to go there & to The City Quilter.

Anonymous said...

Swatch looks like he's in a bad mood:)