Thursday, July 12, 2012

a happy birthday

To celebrate my birthday I awoke early to get a bit of sewing in while it was cool.
This noon I headed downtown. This is the Montrose stop of the blue line where I began my journey.
The L took me to the Thompson Center where I met Eve at the Illinois State Museum where there is a wonderful display of civil war era quilts, up until September.
We came out to the farmers market on Daley Plaza, under the Picasso.
We then walked down Dearborn to Sopraffina for lunch. Great food, great prices. They are a Chicago company with 5 locations downtown--open only for breakfast to lunch.
This is the antipasti trio.
You can get it as take out and eat at the Daley Plaza or the Exelon Plaza by the Chagall mosaic.
Eve headed back to work and I to the Goodman to see the matinee of Crowns. A box seat! Great costumes and singing.
Afterward, I headed back up Dearborn to return to the L.
And now, off to my monthly quilt small group! I'll post more of the Museum display soon.


Kathie said...

If we bring M out to school in August I will have to make a trip into chicago to see these quilts and eat here too, the salad looks great!
We are planning a trip out for her break in October I need to see that mosaic in person. incredible, will be asking for more suggestions!

regan said...

Sounds like you had a terrific day! Happy Birthday!

Louise SS said...

Happy Birthday! And a happy new year to you!
My husband's birthday is also on the 12th. Now I will remember yours:)

Jan said...

What a fun birthday; sorry I am sending you my good wishes a day late. I'd like to make that exhibit myself.

Cousin Jan said...

Sounds like a great birthday celebration!