Tuesday, June 19, 2012

women to emulate

Last night I attended a reunion of a group of students the great Marykutty Mathews and I had the pleasure of teaching three years ago. This was a review class for nurses who had been out of patient care for a while and wanted re-enter the workforce.
I share this photograph with their permission--each has a wonderful story to tell and compassion to share. Nursing is all the better for these women in the profession and we are grateful to have them!


julieQ said...

You bet we are lucky...hurrah for all those great nurses!!

Stripeyspots said...

As a physician, I love it when experienced nurses come back into nursing. We lose far too many of our good staff to administration.

WhiteStone said...

Please tell these ladies how highly valued they are. Hubby and I spend a lot of time in clinics/treatment and we love our nurses!

Kathy C/Skokie said...

I am one of the nurses in the class picture. My
Classmates were awesome & had a variety of experiences in their lives, before this "venture" to update their skills & return to nursing. Our instructors, Lynn & Mary, were not only knowledgeable but sought the best clinical experiences for us. Lynn was especially "nurturing" & supportive to a group wondering how this would all turn out! It is one of the best experiences I
had since "active" nursing. I cherish the memories & friendships & look forward to more.
Kathy C./ Skokie