Saturday, February 18, 2012

an extravagant welcome--cutting body parts in mass

Previously I explained how to make the blocks and how to cut backgrounds in bulk.
This is how to cut multiple body parts.

Each dress block needs a head, two hands, and two legs.
Each shirt and pants block needs a head and two hands.

From smaller scraps I cut parts for one block at a time. But, I needed more variety than I had in the house so I bought several quarter yards of fabric (9 inches).

I stack 3 doubled pieces of fabric so there are 6 layers.
I cut from the selvage end one 2 by 9 inch strip and one 1 by 9 inch strip.

From the 2 inch strip I cut:
2 legs (yielding 12 total)
3 heads (yielding 18 total)
2 hands (yielding 12 total)

From the 1 inch strip I cut:
4 hands (yielding 24 total)
1 legs (yielding 6 total)

This is enough for 18 children-9 with dresses and 9 with shirts and pants.

The remainder of the 1 inch strip can be saved for the alternate clothing styles you may wish to try.

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