Wednesday, January 25, 2012

tip #16 cutting and storing extra binding

I am working on the binding of a quilt which I love the backing as much as the front.
These Alexander Henry fairies were so wonderful.

Tip: I use bias bindings because I like how they look and feel. But, they are a pain to cut. So, when I cut for an intended quilt, I cut extra that is ready to go for smaller projects as they come up. I store them on spent spools to keep them in good shape. For scrappy quilts I often use up several different extra pieces.
If I was a more organized person, I would pin to each spool the length of remaining binding. I'd rather live dangerously and see how far it goes.


regan said...

That's a great idea! I love that you put it on old spools, too! Thanks!

And a little dangerously in the sewing can't get into too much trouble there! lol

WhiteStone said...

Alexander Henry fabrics are always a favorite with me.
Great idea to store binding on spent spools. I just tossed some last week. Waaaahhhh!

Klaske said...

Great idea!!
Nice backing with de fairies.

Greeting from Klaske (Dijkstra)

Jan said...

Well, now, that's a great idea! Fairies are super cute.